January 08, 2013

Testing 1-2-3

I've neglected my site for a long time. I can't pinpoint the last time I wrote anything substantial because an SQL upgrade damaged my archive, which displays nothing between April 2011 and October 2012. I haven't been that inattentive; see here and here. So, I'll try once again to post more regularly, if still not all that frequently. I like reviewing what I wrote in the past to see if I made any sense.

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October 06, 2012

I Can't Feel A Thing

Big Star, "Big Black Car," Third, 1974.

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May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

My grandfather R J Lucas, US Navy, motor machinist's mate, Pacific Theatre:

One of his ships, the USS LCI-397:

1st pic: Young American Patriots: The Youth of South Carolina In World War II. 2nd pic: NavSource Online

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April 06, 2010

The Question That Answers Itself


followed by


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March 25, 2010

Max Ramirez Is The Next Micah Owings

There's no other "M Ramirez" with the Rangers, and the link brings up Max's page. He stranded two of Ben Snyder's runners!

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March 17, 2010

O My Soul

Rest In Peace, Alex Chilton.

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January 03, 2010

Point - Counterpoint

The top two headlines at NFL.com:

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December 16, 2009


...with player comments for 2010 Hardball Times annual, which have prevented me from offering pithy commentary on recent transactions. Soon, I hope.

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September 19, 2009


Please help me imagine a world where my baseball team isn't plummeting out of contention

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September 01, 2009

Sports Journamalism

If you put your photos on the interwebs, you're going to see them appropriated for other sites. Usually not a problem unless commercial considerations are involved.

But this caught my eye:

Full article here

So, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution nabbed a photo off my site (scroll to bottom) and attributed it to the Texas Rangers? Really?

Oh, well. I do wish they'd hotlinked the photo instead of copying it directly to their site. A few years ago, an Italian metal band ("Lost Highway" or "Endless Highway" or some such) linked to this photo...


...on its MySpace page. So I replaced it with this:


The band (or its webmaster) didn't notice for three months.

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March 24, 2009

Rest In Peace, John Brattain

Too soon.

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March 10, 2009

Let My Voice Soothe Your Soul

Rangers Podcast In Arlington invited me to do another podcast thingee with Jamey Newberg of the Newberg Report and Adam Morris of Lone Star Ball.

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February 26, 2009

Rule 5 Eligibility List

Here. Also added to the list in yellow at right. It's a work in progress and reasonably accurate, but with 150+ names I'm sure there's some errors somewhere. Use with discretion.

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January 27, 2009

Rundown Updates

I've posted the 2009 prospect list compendium and created a new format for the 40-man roster. They're also linked in the yellow box to your right.

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December 16, 2008

2009 Hardball Times Season Preview

Done! 4,900 mesmerizing words (pending edits) about the Rangers, including:

Season recap
Thoughts on manager, management and ownership
Reasons for optimism and pessimism
Likely outcome for 2009
Commentaries of 50-100 words and statistical projections on 35-40 players.

Ordering info here.

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August 28, 2008

Better Than The Alternative, I Suppose

From here (potentially NSFW)

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April 11, 2008

Blog Down For A Bit

Work travel + home computer troubles = dull blog. Hope to have something during the weekend.

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February 15, 2008

New Feature

Prospect Rankings. Also linked on "The Rundown" at right.

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December 02, 2007

Adventures in Marketing

Barnes and Noble, Austin, 1 Dec 2007.

The 2008 Texas Rangers monthly calendar, featuring Mark Teixeira on the cover! January's photo: Kenny Lofton! December: Teixeira again! Plus Eric Gagne, Brad Wilkerson, and Swingin' Sammy Sosa. Five months of twelve populated by ex-Rangers.

Buy yours today.

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August 23, 2007

Not me, not me, not me


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August 01, 2007

Updated Newberg Report Graphic

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Still Alive

Work work work.

Trade thoughts coming soon.

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June 01, 2007

Programming Alert

With the Rangers playing so poorly, my blog has devolved into a litany of wheel-spinning transactions (Koronka! Wood!) and articles placing Texas's awfulness in its proper historical context (the worst team since Nineteen Dickety-Two! We had to say "dickety" because the Kaiser had stolen the word "twenty.").

Fear not, good reader. Here’s what to look forward to this summer from The Rundown:

Pretending the world stopped on September 23, 2004...

Reviews of the hot new video games...

The cultural impact of the Village People’s “New Romantic? look...

Smug, insipid posts about how whatever you’ve done, I did it first, and better..

And irony! Sweet, delicious irony!

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May 19, 2007

"Rundown" Charts Updated

It's becoming a full-time job.

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April 22, 2007

Adventures In Headline Writing

Look. They’re letting a girl throw out the first pitch! A girl!

Actually, the story’s about an eight-year-old who will be receiving an open-heart operation next week. She’s throwing out the first pitch at the Round Rock - Oklahoma game on Sunday.

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April 05, 2007

Don't Say I Never Did Anything For You, Part Two

At least Fraley's not around anymore.

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April 04, 2007

Don't Say I Never Did Anything For You

Here's an Aqua Velva commercial from 1976 featuring Pete Rose and Vic Tayback (click the pic):

You weren't expecting me to write about the Rangers right now, were you?

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March 12, 2007

Programming Announcement

For the six of you who know me but not Jamey Newberg:

I’ve joined the Newberg Report and will be providing daily recaps on the Ranger minor-league system as well as special reports. I’ll be cross-posting the specials here but not the recaps. If you’d like to read those, you can get them via email or just visit Jamey’s front page which now includes a fine picture of me taken in 1999.

The Rundown will continue unabated.

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February 01, 2007

New Email Address

At lower right, just below the cat.

More free ice cream coming soon.

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October 26, 2006


It's the "Nippon Ham" Fighters, not the Nippon "Ham Fighters." Anyway, Nippon Ham won its first league championship since 1962, so congrats to once and present potential Rangers manager Trey Hillman.

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October 16, 2006

Frivilous Announcement

I got married two years ago today. Yay, me.

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October 03, 2006

Draft History Updated

Statuses of drafted players updated through 2006 season. Feel free to email me if you see any errors. No doubt there's a few.

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September 18, 2006

Austin City Limits Festival, Day Three

Saw most or all of:
KT Tunstall
Patrice Pike
New Pornographers (1)
Son Volt
Flaming Lips

Saw or heard a little of:
Sam Roberts
Jose Gonzalez (2)
Jack Ingram
Tom Petty

Best of the day:
Flaming Lips

(1) Plagued by sound problems. Frustrating.

(2) Would've seen more had he not played only thirty-five minutes of his hour-long slot. Don't know why he stopped.

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September 17, 2006

Austin City Limits Festival, Day Two

Saw most or all of:
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
Ben Kweller *
Nada Surf
TV On The Radio
Los Lobos
What Made Milwaukee Famous
Brazilian Girls

Saw a little of:
Ghostland Observatory
Explosions In The Sky
Willie Nelson
Massive Attack

Best/worst of the day:
Can't decide. They're all winners!

* Set started late and cut short because Kweller had a horrific nosebleed. Literally bleeding on his guitar and piano. He played one song with a tampon stuck up his nose. I'm serious.

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September 16, 2006

Austin City Limits Festival, Day One

Saw most or all of:
Gnarls Barkley
Cat Power
Thievery Corporation
Van Morrison

Saw a little of:
Wolf Parade
Okkervil River
Tragically Hip

Best of the day:
Thievery Corporation, just like last year.

Worst of the day:
Van Morrison. Really? Van? Yep. His voice still shines, but the music was the kind of tepid, overly polite jazz-blues-rock amalgam that I despise. Also, too many solos. I'll take passion over instrumental prowess every day.

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September 10, 2006

How About That… Local Sports Team!

I drove to Round Rock and watched the Express lose to Nashville in Game 4 of the PCL divisional series...

Then I drove to a friend’s house and watched the Longhorns lose to Ohio State...

Then I drove home and watched the Rangers lose in extra innings to Seattle...

But… the friend had Live Oak Big Bark on tap...

And my wife had brought home breakfast tacos from El Chilito this morning...

So the day was okay.

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April 12, 2006

Baseball To Drink To

My father asked for my margarita recipe over the weekend, but after tonight’s debacle and 2-7 start I believe that every Ranger fan could use an alcoholic beverage. This recipe makes a healthy sized drink and provides an antidote to the too-sweet margaritas of most restaurants.

One part orange liqueur

I strongly discourage you from using Triple Sec, which just isn’t of sufficient quality. I often use Cointreau, though Grand Marnier works just as well. If in Texas and no farther west than Abilene, try Paula’s Texas Orange. While most orange liqueurs taste like candy, Paula’s has a pronounced citrus flavor that gives the drink some pop. It’s also cheaper than Cointreau.

Two parts tequila

The tequila in most restaurant “house” margaritas has a faintly oily tang similar to bad coffee. Buy better tequila, drink it in moderation, and live a richer life. El Jimador Silver works for me most of the time. When splurging, use El Jimador Anejo or something like Centennario Reposado. Incidentally, anejo tequila is aged longer, but the only difference between gold and silver tequila is food coloring. Silver tequila creates a prettier drink.

Four parts lime juice

I use Minute Maid frozen concentrate mixed double strength to impart a proper sweet-and-sour flavor. That is, instead of using 4 1/3 cans of water, use only 2 1/6. In my experience, grocery store brands are inferior, as are Bacardi-type mixers, which are too sweet. A fresh-squeezed lime wedge seals the deal.

A little olive juice

Make your margarita “dirty.” I usually pour the equivalent of a teaspoon or two straight out of the olive jar. I also put a few olives in the bottom of the glass before making the drink. They’re the prize in the Cracker jack box.

Consumed in advance of a Ranger ninth-inning collapse, this margarita will reduce your post-game rage by 50%. Enjoy.

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March 17, 2006

The Onion Is Funny

Todd Helton Disappointed To Be On Area Man's Fantasy-Baseball Team

DENVER—Shortly after being selected in the second round of a local online fantasy-baseball draft, Rockies All-Star first-baseman Todd Helton announced Monday that he would much rather play for "any of the other 11 teams in the league." "I've played for this guy in the past, and he has no idea how to manage his team, and often loses interest and stops competing after just a couple months," Helton said, referring to Mets 4 Life owner and Trenton-area pizza-delivery man Ryan Sheehy. "Last season, I got off to a bit of a slow start, and the guy benches me the rest of the year in favor of Doug Mientkiewicz. I lose enough as a member of the Rockies. I just wish I could play for a capable manager like [The Damon Connection's] Mike Broberg or [Smilin' Joe Randa's] Garrett Baldwin." Helton added that, if it were worth the effort to find a way to contact Sheehy, he would demand a trade.

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March 08, 2006

Learned at the World Baseball Classic

Stubby Clapp's wife is named Chastity.

Chastity Clapp.

Also, Gary Majewski's hair is a crime against humanity.

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January 03, 2006

Gone Fishin'

The Rundown will return soon. Ranger management is forbidden from doing anything interesting in my absence.

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October 16, 2005


I think the blog anniversary is in a few weeks. This one takes precedence.

Courtney Bissonnet and Scott Lucas, one year ago today.

Photo by the highly recommended Melanie West.

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October 05, 2005

Fun With Search Strings

At least one Googler has found my site via the following search strings:

building a sub box for an 83 ranger
chris rock routine not old just too old to be in the club
jamey wright bought a house in oklahoma
jason lee scott power rangers
how do you keep a drain water cooler cold
picture of alfonso soriano’s legs
pitchers of white tail spider bites
power ranger on play stash 2
reyes killed on bissonnet in houston
scott lucas day job
traci lords park ranger
walker texas ranger

Yeah, I have a day job. The next set of searches gets a little creepy:

david dellucci’s girlfriend
hank blalock girlfriend
laynce nix girlfriend
michael young texas rangers wife picture
alfonso soriano’s wife
texas rangers kenny rogers wife
kameron loe girlfriend
victor santos girlfriend
does kevin mench have a girlfriend
who is ian kinsler girlfriend
esteban german 2005 wife
scott podsednik girlfriend
rangers baseball groupies

Does Esteban German get a new wife every year? Anyway, in 365 blog entries, the word “girlfriend? appears exactly once, in the last sentence of this entry.

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July 12, 2005

Song Lyric Of The Day

Jet pilot for a day, washed his sins away
Loves to see the Rangers play
His daddy has a job in Washington
Wants to raise a Harvard son

from "Jet Pilot" on the new album by Son Volt (site has sound)

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April 18, 2005

Googlemapping Rangers' Spring Training Complex


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March 22, 2005

Draft Board Upgraded

I've expanded the Status of Draft Picks page significantly. The original page included only the status of the picks from the top ten rounds from 1999-2004. I've added every other draft pick still in the organization and every pick who reached the Majors (whether with Texas or elsewhere).

This is a perpetual work in progress. Email me if you have any corrections.

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December 03, 2004

No news here

The Rundown will be unavailable during the next week and won't have any information on arbitration-deadline transactions until the 12th or so. In any case, your first choice for commentary should be Jamey Newberg, linked at right.

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November 05, 2004

Ranger Rundown

Site under construction, loading old columns and transactions.

It looks terrible in IE (switch to Firefox!), but I'm working on it.

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