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October 05, 2005

Fun With Search Strings

At least one Googler has found my site via the following search strings:

building a sub box for an 83 ranger
chris rock routine not old just too old to be in the club
jamey wright bought a house in oklahoma
jason lee scott power rangers
how do you keep a drain water cooler cold
picture of alfonso soriano’s legs
pitchers of white tail spider bites
power ranger on play stash 2
reyes killed on bissonnet in houston
scott lucas day job
traci lords park ranger
walker texas ranger

Yeah, I have a day job. The next set of searches gets a little creepy:

david dellucci’s girlfriend
hank blalock girlfriend
laynce nix girlfriend
michael young texas rangers wife picture
alfonso soriano’s wife
texas rangers kenny rogers wife
kameron loe girlfriend
victor santos girlfriend
does kevin mench have a girlfriend
who is ian kinsler girlfriend
esteban german 2005 wife
scott podsednik girlfriend
rangers baseball groupies

Does Esteban German get a new wife every year? Anyway, in 365 blog entries, the word “girlfriend? appears exactly once, in the last sentence of this entry.

Posted by Lucas at October 5, 2005 01:26 AM