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April 12, 2006

Baseball To Drink To

My father asked for my margarita recipe over the weekend, but after tonight’s debacle and 2-7 start I believe that every Ranger fan could use an alcoholic beverage. This recipe makes a healthy sized drink and provides an antidote to the too-sweet margaritas of most restaurants.

One part orange liqueur

I strongly discourage you from using Triple Sec, which just isn’t of sufficient quality. I often use Cointreau, though Grand Marnier works just as well. If in Texas and no farther west than Abilene, try Paula’s Texas Orange. While most orange liqueurs taste like candy, Paula’s has a pronounced citrus flavor that gives the drink some pop. It’s also cheaper than Cointreau.

Two parts tequila

The tequila in most restaurant “house” margaritas has a faintly oily tang similar to bad coffee. Buy better tequila, drink it in moderation, and live a richer life. El Jimador Silver works for me most of the time. When splurging, use El Jimador Anejo or something like Centennario Reposado. Incidentally, anejo tequila is aged longer, but the only difference between gold and silver tequila is food coloring. Silver tequila creates a prettier drink.

Four parts lime juice

I use Minute Maid frozen concentrate mixed double strength to impart a proper sweet-and-sour flavor. That is, instead of using 4 1/3 cans of water, use only 2 1/6. In my experience, grocery store brands are inferior, as are Bacardi-type mixers, which are too sweet. A fresh-squeezed lime wedge seals the deal.

A little olive juice

Make your margarita “dirty.” I usually pour the equivalent of a teaspoon or two straight out of the olive jar. I also put a few olives in the bottom of the glass before making the drink. They’re the prize in the Cracker jack box.

Consumed in advance of a Ranger ninth-inning collapse, this margarita will reduce your post-game rage by 50%. Enjoy.

Posted by Lucas at April 12, 2006 01:49 AM