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June 01, 2007

Programming Alert

With the Rangers playing so poorly, my blog has devolved into a litany of wheel-spinning transactions (Koronka! Wood!) and articles placing Texas's awfulness in its proper historical context (the worst team since Nineteen Dickety-Two! We had to say "dickety" because the Kaiser had stolen the word "twenty.").

Fear not, good reader. Here’s what to look forward to this summer from The Rundown:

Pretending the world stopped on September 23, 2004...

Reviews of the hot new video games...

The cultural impact of the Village People’s “New Romantic? look...

Smug, insipid posts about how whatever you’ve done, I did it first, and better..

And irony! Sweet, delicious irony!

Posted by Lucas at June 1, 2007 01:40 PM