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November 23, 2009


John Perrotto in his weekend update for Baseball Prospectus:

The Angels spent most of the first two months of the season in a fog. They were 29-29 on June 11 and 4½ games behind the Rangers in the division race. However, they went 68-36 the rest of the way...

LA's run of 68 wins in 104 games equaled a franchise best set during late 2006 through the middle of 2007.

As for the Rangers... well, over the course of 38 years, they've never gone 68-36. Their best effort in a single season was a 65-49 in 1999, their last division-winning season. During the back half of 1977 and into '78, they went 67-37.

So, there's another reason to hate (i.e, be jealous of) the Angels if you need one.


Posted by Lucas at November 23, 2009 11:12 AM