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August 07, 2005


Texas placed outfielder RICHARD HIDALGO on the 15-day Disabled List and recalled infielder MARSHALL MCDOUGALL from AAA. Texas also signed formerly pretty good starter AARON SELE to a minor-league deal and assigned him to AAA.

Not that I don’t mind McDougall getting some Major-League per diem, but his arrival in place of Hidalgo leaves Texas with only three true outfielders, one of whom (Delucci) is less than 100%. Mark DeRosa had all of 57 career outfield innings to his credit before he started in right field on Friday, and Phil Nevin has 29 games of outfield experience during this decade. Against lefties, one among DeRosa, Nevin or the lefty-challenged Dellucci must man the outfield. Additionally, another will DH against lefties unless Texas actually will permit McDougall to swing a bat on occasion.

Dare I say it, recalling Chad Allen might have made some sense. Texas, however, released Allen (for disciplinary reasons?!)when they signed Aaron Sele. I mentioned in my recent C.J. Wilson screed that acquiring even a replacement-level starter would improve the Ranger rotation at this point. Enter Sele, who almost can’t help but pitch better than Wilson.

Posted by Lucas at August 7, 2005 02:13 AM