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June 29, 2008


Randy Galloway, this morning:

If you are bringing up a Chris Davis... shouldn’t it be as an everyday player? Does that make sense, even if holding them out at times against certain pitchers is also acceptable? But if there is a thought, or if the minor league stats show Davis might struggle a tad with lefties, then keep him in OKC to face those lefties, and not have him sit for those up here. Any doubt that creeps into Davis’ mind that he might not be trusted against lefties is a doubt that absolutely should not be there at this stage of a career.”
Chris Davis’s career splits:

vs. Left
vs. Right
HR / PA 5.1% 6.9%
BB / PA 7.3% 7.3%
SO / PA 24.1% 25.4%

Chris Davis’s splits in 2008:

vs. Left
vs. Right
HR / PA 6.3% 7.1%
BB / PA 4.8% 8.6%
SO / PA 27.0% 21.1%

Davis's BB/SO ratio has broken down against lefties this season. The rest is peachy. If Davis is having self-esteem issues versus lefties, he's hiding them well.

Idle thought: Under this philosophy, would Hank Blalock (lifetime .224/.279/.345 versus lefties) ever have become a Major Leaguer?

“Why is [Brandon Boggs] up here, playing maybe twice a week, when the kid shows definite potential? Boggs has been an asset for the Rangers when he has played, but is he benefiting in the long run from all the sitting?”

Boggs has never appeared in fewer than three games in any seven-day period:

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