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February 05, 2008

Galarraga Traded

Texas traded pitcher ARMANDO GALARRAGA to Detroit for outfielder MICHAEL HERNANDEZ.

The good news is Hernandez hit 20 homers and slugged .469 in 116 games for high-A Lakeland last year. That’s legitimate power – the Florida State League smothers hitters, and Lakeland’s home park depresses homers even relative to the league. The bad news is he has a career OBP of .320 and has spent an alarming number of games at DH.

In truth, the genuine good news is that when he’s eventually released, it won’t be newsworthy enough for even an agate-type mention in the local papers. Thus, the A-Rod saga is effectively over, personnel-wise, as far as Texas is concerned. Said saga will likely be Tom Hicks’s epitaph in baseball unless the Rangers do some serious damage in the next few years.

Update: Duh. Joaquin Arias is still around. Penalty box for me.

Posted by Lucas at February 5, 2008 12:35 PM