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November 11, 2007


T.R. Sullivan notes that Texas hasn’t “had a Rookie of the Year since 1974? (Mike Hargrove).

To which I say: “meh.?

2003 ROY: Angel Berroa
5th Place: Mark Teixeira

2002 ROY: Eric Hinske
4th Place: John Lackey

1998 ROY: Ben Grieve
5th Place: Magglio Ordonez

1995 ROY: Marty Cordova
2nd through 6th: Garret Anderson, Andy Pettitte, Troy Percival, Shawn Green, Ray Durham

1994 ROY: Bob Hamelin
2nd Place: Manny Ramirez
3rd Place: Rusty Greer

1992 ROY: Pat Listach
2nd Place: Kenny Lofton

1984 ROY: Alvin Davis
6th Place: Roger Clemens

(though Davis had a solid, if not lengthy, career)

1982 ROY: Cal Ripken, Jr.
6th Place: Dave Hostetler

(just kidding)

Posted by Lucas at November 11, 2007 01:14 AM