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July 10, 2007

Koronka Gone

Cleveland claimed pitcher JOHN KORONKA off waivers.

I saw Koronka pitch in Round Rock last August. Aside from a Jason Hirsh start, his performance was the most impressive I saw that year at the Dell Diamond. In seven innings he allowed two runs, walked one, and struck out twelve. He exhibited confidence, pinpoint control, and a revelatory changeup. The Express hitters guessed wrong most of the night and swung at air repeatedly. Texas called him up again, whereupon he reverted to his nibbling worst.

Cub Town’s Derek Smart nailed it back in 2005:

Congratulations to John Koronka on his first Major League victory, although in the interest of full disclosure, I found his outing less than inspiring. His early success looked to have more to do with the Dodgers' lack of familiarity than with any great show of competence on Koronka's part, and it showed the second time through the order as the Dodgers started to get after him more consistently.

His fastball was sans giddyap, and his breaking pitches didn't have the sharp bite of effectiveness. The change-up was his most effective pitch, although it wasn't the sort of ball that gives hitters fits. It was a solid turn, good enough to keep the team in the game, which is the most anyone could hope for, but it wasn't the type of work that would give me confidence enough to request a return visit.

Koronka's is the sort of stuff that is destined to be overmatched with prolonged Major League exposure, and barring abject need, it's a game that he and the Cubs should refrain from questioning, put in their pocket, and walk away from post-haste.

Posted by Lucas at July 10, 2007 10:05 AM