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November 06, 2006

Texas Has A Manager

Texas hired Ron Washington as manager.

This managerial appointment was bound to be uncontroversial. Given the set of personality characteristics that distinguished Buck Showalter’s dismissal, the replacement was destined to be less authoritarian, more affable, more communicative, more a “player’s manager.? Ron’s not just your boss, he’s your pal, but he’s also no pushover. Who wouldn’t want to play for him?

I exaggerate, but you understand. After several years of machinations (never proven but always suspected) and increasingly bad vibes in the Ranger clubhouse and front office, Washington is a deep gulp of fresh air.

Can he manage? Beats me. Assessing experienced managers is tough enough, much less new hires. Informed fans can evaluate players reasonably well with numerical data and GMs with analyses of trades, free-agent signings, etc. Conversely, a fan’s assessment of a manager usually has to be personality-driven because managerial performance doesn’t translate to an easy number like ERA. Sure, managers can show their ineptness with ludicrous batting orders and pitching changes, but few are truly incompetent in those respects. At the moment, we have very little on which to base our opinions.

That said, Athletics players hold him in extremely high regard, their fans seem disappointed in his departure, and I would very much like for Texas to win a World Series at some point during my corporeal residence on Earth. So count me on board.

Posted by Lucas at November 6, 2006 11:55 PM