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September 26, 2006

Grady Fuson Recycles!

During 2002-2004, Grady Fuson served as Texas’s Assistant General Manager and held primary responsibility for the draft. He is now the veep of scouting and player development for San Diego. Via Fuson, Texas drafted and signed 21 players during the first eight rounds of the 2002-2004 drafts. Where are they now?

Ten are still with Texas (Diamond, Hurley, Herren, Schlact, Boggs, Harrison, Danks, Littleton, Farnum, Meyer)
Two have retired (Barnett, Tisdale)
One is with the Mets (Nickeas)
One is with the Pirates (Lorenzo)

And the other seven are Padres:

Chris O’Riordan (drafted in 2002 / round 8)
Vince Sinisi (2003 / 2)
John Hudgins (2003 / 3)
Adam Bourassa (2003 / 6)
Jeremy Cleveland (2003 / 8)
Bill Susdorf (2004 / 6)
Mark Roberts (2004 / 8)

Any chance Texas could re-acquire Adrian Gonzalez for, say, Drew Meyer and Matt Farnum? How could Fuson resist?

Posted by Lucas at September 26, 2006 03:55 PM