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June 20, 2006

Loe DL'ed, Guzman Recalled

Texas placed pitcher KAMERON LOE on the 15-day Disabled List and recalled outfielder FREDDY GUZMAN from AAA Oklahoma.

Loe doesn’t strike anyone out, so he lives and dies on the basis of homers allowed (over which he has substantial control) and his hit rate on balls in play (over which he has little). Last year, Loe allowed one homer per 56 batters faced and had a quite lucky .271 average on balls in play. This year, one homer per 36 batters and an unlucky .328 average when the ball stayed in the park. Somewhere in the middle is a pitcher with a borderline-acceptable ERA of 5.00.

Guzman came to Texas from San Diego in exchange for minor-leaguers John Hudgins and Vince Sinisi and was batting .278/.378/.346 in Oklahoma. Guzman should be limited to pinch-running duties but might get an at-bat or two during Texas’s upcoming jaunt through NL parks. He can dream of more without undue illegitimacy; after all, ostensible 25th man and non-hitter Jerry Hairston has inexplicably started five of the last ten games, two more than Jason Botts.

Posted by Lucas at June 20, 2006 01:07 PM