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July 09, 2005

Ryan Drese Is Responsible For EVERYTHING

Todd Willis of the DMN points out the following:

“Since [Ryan] Drese was designated for assignment on June 8, Rangers' starters are 11-16 with a dreadful 6.09 ERA.�

True enough, and very bad. It is also 0.37 lower than Drese’s ERA of 6.46 with the Rangers. Viewed narrowly, Ricardo Rodriguez and his ERA of 3.90 have proved a more-than-worthy replacement for Drese. Kenny Rogers, Chris Young and Chan Ho Park had an aggregate ERA of 3.09 before Drese departed and 6.25 afterwards. That isn’t management’s fault, unless Drese possessed the magical power to depress everyone’s ERA but his own.

Having said that, I did not favor Drese’s dismissal, if only because I (along with most other sentient beings) knew that Astacio’s shelf-life as a Ranger would soon expire. Replacing Drese with Rodriguez was painless in and of itself. Finding replacements for two starters within a two-week period would daunt just about any team. Surely the Rangers considered that issue when they risked losing Drese. Right?

Posted by Lucas at July 9, 2005 04:15 PM