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June 10, 2005

Drese claimed

Washington claimed pitcher RYAN DRESE off waivers from Texas.

Washington concurrently traded Tomo Ohka to Milwaukee for Junior Spivey. Ohka is a fraud; like Drese, he has an miniscule strikeout rate but also has an incredibly lucky average of .215 on balls in play. Nonetheless, Ohka does have about three years worth of quality pitching to his credit, approximately 2.5 years more than Drese. Drese and Spivey combine to make as much as Ohka, so the perpetually cash-strapped, MLB-owned Nationals won't save any money this year and are on the hook for Drese's $1.7 million in 2006. Further, Spivey isn't much of an upgrade over Jamey Carroll and earns six times the salary. Washington probably could have acquired someone's Triple-A filler (for example, Texas's Esteban German) for a faux-prospect and a little cash, thus avoiding both Spivey's mediocrity and the issue of whether Drese can get anyone out.

As for Texas, the Rangers rid themselves of the suddenly onerous deal they bestowed upon Drese three months ago. On the upside, replacement Ricardo Rodriguez needs only to post a sub-6 ERA to improve on Drese's effort. On the downside, at the minimum they lost some depth. If Astacio or Park collapses or if Rogers or Young suffers an injury, Texas will have to throw an unprepared youngster into the fire or (gulp) dredge up John Wasdin.

Posted by Lucas at June 10, 2005 02:27 PM