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February 15, 2005

Laird Signs

Texas signed catcher GERALD LAIRD to a one-year contract. Laird will earn $325,000 (pro-rated) in the Majors and $240,000 (pro-rated) in the minors.

Is Laird a Major League catcher? It's a legitimate question. Laird offered good defense and a power-bereft .300 average during the first six weeks of 2004. Upon his premature return from a serious thumb injury, he offered destitution, forcing the Rangers to start Rod Barajas almost every game. A Laird who could imitate his seasons in the high minors (.260/.340/.420) would be most welcome.

Rod Barajas and Sandy Alomar are known qualities. Barajas will hit .240 while popping one home run and drawing one walk every two weeks. At his advanced age, Alomar wouldn't be much different than Barajas as an everyday catcher, but with him you get the bonus of imminent breakdown.

Ranger management, for now, is saying that Laird isn't good enough to start over someone who will hit .240/.260/.390. Whether true or not, it's a disappointment.

Posted by Lucas at February 15, 2005 12:22 PM