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December 07, 2004

Free-Agent Arbitration Deadline

Texas offered arbitration to OF DAVID DELLUCCI. Texas declined to offer arbitration to any other potential free agents including OF RUSTY GREER, OF BRIAN JORDAN, OF/2B ERIC YOUNG, 1B/DH BRAD FULLMER, 1B/3B HERBERT PERRY, reliever JAY POWELL, and reliever JEFF ZIMMERMAN.

Texas had no intention of offering arbitration to the handsomely paid, oft-injured Greer, but both sides had discussed a non-roster invite with the understanding that Greer would be given the chance at the DH job. With the Rangers courting folks such as Todd Walker to DH (a bad idea, but anyway), Greer decided to seek a greener pasture. Rumour has him signing with Minnesota, an odd choice given their plethora of contract-heavy starting OFs and plenty of OF/DH prospects in waiting.

Zimmerman may sign a minor-league deal. He wouldn't be able to pitch in the Majors until May 1, but his injury makes that a foregone conclusion.

Texas has offered Dellucci a two-year deal (though allegedly for less money than his other suitors), so they won't mind if he accepts arbitration.

Posted by Lucas at December 7, 2004 09:18 PM