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July 08, 2004


Recalled pitcher NICK REGILIO from AAA Oklahoma. Designated pitcher NICK BIERBRODT for assignment.

Like the more famous Rick Ankiel, the once-promising Bierbrodt lost his ability to throw strikes suddenly and utterly in a Spring Training game against Texas two years ago. Later that year, he survived a gunshot to the chest in a South Carolina Hardee's. Texas gave him a chance this year and Bierbrodt pitched reasonably well, and Texas's makeshift rotation afforded him a quick return to the Bigs. Alas, Bierbrodt soon redeveloped control issues, culminating in a three-inning, seven walk start. Regilio will pitch in middle relief and fly back to Oklahoma once Nix, Dickey or Jordan returns.

Posted by Lucas at July 8, 2004 02:07 PM